Oden Reiki:
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The Nature of Illness by Oden

 Physical illness can be healed on an energy level, utilizing various rays of light,  using DNA spirals as a model, we can imagine the complex geometry which creates a conscious soul whom exists on 7 spiritual planes simultaneously. Add to that different levels in density of all the energies and we can grasp a small part of what is involved.  

A basic understanding of how energy works is all it takes to understand Karma and dis-ease. Suppose, for a moment, that each of us is unique, with a unique energy signature or pattern. No two souls are the same. Secondly, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. You aura is like a giant magnetic field, attracting & calling your energy back to the mainframe of your system. Because of that, any energy sent out, easily returns to its sender, because you are the only one that has that unique pattern.  Like energy, attracts like energy, the law of karma.

 Many things contribute to the creation of dis-ease in the energy systems which are connected to and interact with our physical body.  Any one of the seven energies or auras, surrounding your 7 bodies can become distorted and this will eventually filter down to the physical level. 

Whenever, even a small part of a disruptive energy pattern becomes distorted, by any kind of trauma, it will eventually filter down to another aspect of that soul.

Some of those can be past life Injuries that were not resolved in that past life. This includes actually injuries, emotional trauma, or even regret that was not resolved in that life’s review.  Another factor could be that the soul did not take long enough to re-energize and heal before reincarnating, and brought cell memory of the trauma with it to the new life.

Emotional or physical Trauma inflicted by ourselves or by others can injure one or a number of the systems and cause dis-ease in your energy bodies. Tough childhood experiences can often be some of the worst to deal with as an adult and can cause the worst damage to the geometry vibrating around and thru us.

 If we suppose that pure light is pure creation and pure creation contains the templates of our very structures…consider then that with each disease, with each condition there is a corresponding energy signature which rotates around the body, in the aura. As long as we carry the disease, its energy pattern exists in our field. 

Instead of sending energy to a sick person, we simply removed the pattern of that disease from their aura?

Sounds easy enough. To be successful, we would have to remove all the patterns from any one of seven spiritual bodies that a soul possesses.  If we remove one and throw it out into the air, it is very possible that it will return or re-attach. This is possible if the sample we pull out also contains a part of our own original energy.  It is very difficult to remove ONLY the non-desirable energy. 

Therefore it makes more sense to change, repair or alter the negative energy pattern into a pattern that can be beneficial to our soul.  This is possible if the dis-ease did not originate in creating an act of karma. 

Karma can also be a creation of dis-ease or a means for a soul to pay off and correct some of its debts. If this is the case, spiritual healing can still happen, but it is a bit more involved.  When we commit a negative use of our intent, or actions, we are actually creating a hole that eats away at another’s energy field. 

Because of the law of FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN OPPOSITE AND EQUAL REACTION, we also create the same hole in our own energy field.  These holes usually manifest as illness, if they are not corrected before they filter down to the physical level.

If the hole was created by an action, such as hitting another individual, then it has to be corrected by an equal and opposite action: such as healing or nursing another individual.  When the action has been completed, the hole in the energy field can be corrected or filled in, as well.  If the hole was created by intentional thought to harm another, such as mental abuse, energy work or spells then it has to be corrected by the same, Meditation, church, prayer, a retreat, to heal these things.

If you or your client has been on the receiving end of a karmic act, then Reiki applied correctly, can fill in any holes in the aura, and shatter any negative energy patterns.   Reiki can be used to heal anything from an aura, to a job, to the planet to the heavens. Nothing is too small or too large. Size does not matter!! Never underestimate the power of Love, Prayer or forgiveness.

With Oden Reiki, 
one can attract &  ground higher vibrations of light, directing their flow directly into the client. It is not necessary for the energy to flow through the Reiki Master.  This prevents the practioner & the client from exchanging or
 losing energy.

Each soul incarnated on the physical plane has at least 7 aspects of them, also interacting with the physical part of you, as well as having additional experiences on various additional spiritual planes.  Besides, the physical body, we all know and most of us are aware of our emotional, mental and astral bodies.
Yet only your physical body is meant to exist on the physical plane.    Although many of us believe our mental and emotional bodies reside  within our physical one, this is far from the case.  Yet, many of us,  do allow our emotional bodies to become trapped here.  When we go through physical life,  the physical body should be the focus of our physical experience, not our emotional or mental bodies. When one of these two are in control of the physical experience, that life becomes one  which  is centered around sensory experiences, with your emotional or mental reacts to them.  Especially  people who primarily live in their emotional body, while on the physical plane.   In order to give your emotional body, such control, it has to anchor itself to its physical counterpart.   

The emotional body should reside in the space between the second and third spiritual planes, or in other words between the physical plane and the astral. Because the emotional body never dies, it sees each physical lifetime as the same one, without differentiating between them. Its function is to assign a quality ratio to the experiences in your life.  Because it never dies,    the emotional body has a long memory,   as demonstrated  when you meet someone for the first time and have a very strong reaction to them. It should be just one aspect of evaluating the physical existence, not the primary focus.  If the emotional body does reside, on the physical plane for extended periods of time, the physical body has to become its source for energy.  In order  to be energized by the physical body, the physical body has to increase its mass, or put  on weight,   which in turn increases its auric field, to include the emotional body.  Most souls with their emotional body, anchored in the physical realm, create huge imbalances in all their systems.  

 When Jesus met up with a sick, starving, unfortunate leper, he did not create an emotional scene of crying and hysterics for their terrible plight.  Instead, Jesus calmly told them their faith had healed them, and for should go forth and sin no more.  I interpret what he said, as: you have completed your karma, which created your condition, now live the rest of your life without creating anymore! Never was his emotional body part of the exchange.  Empathy, pity, and expression of our feelings have gotten out of hand in our society. Guilt is the biggest epidemic since the Black Plague. Guilt eats away at the aura which protects our physical body and allows harm and hardship through the holes it creates.  You are not supposed to have an emotional reaction to everything.  Use the emotional body to evaluate the quality of an experience or an exchange.   For example, what if we are nervous about riding a motorcycle for the first time? The feeling of nervousness comes from our emotional body, which is then reflected upon by the mental body.

A normal conclusion would be this is unknown territory for my physical being, proceed with caution, and be careful.  A person whose emotional body resides in the physical plane, would come to the conclusion, that if I am nervous, I should not ride a motorcycle, or have any new experiences, for which I am nervous about.  The emotional body is controlling the choices and lessons of the spirit, and in this case limiting the physical experience of the soul.  

When the astral body is anchored in the physical realm, we have an individual, who brings about healing has  extraordinary extra sensory perception, and can bring to the physical a greater experience of energy and an ability to move the energy and an ability to see and understand energy, but usually at a large cost to their physical body.  See the astral body is the energy body, which is the link between the physical plane and the astral plan.  The astral body is a double of the physical body.  The astral body is supposed to be nourished from the astral plane, and its connection to the over-soul.  The astral body should not be nurtured by the physical body.  Many people have disconnected from their astral body, they don’t acknowledge the astral body, they don’t work on strengthening  and clearing their connection from the physical body to the astral body, as a result their astral body becomes a part of them that is lost.



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